Mental Health Awareness and Learning at Work Week

Last week, Managementors took part in Mental Health Awareness Week and Learning at Work Week with a variety of themed events designed to boost mental well-being, physical health, cultural awareness, and professional development. We put together a fantastic schedule of activities that kept everyone engaged and promoted a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The week kicked off with a plant a sunflower competition inviting everyone to plant sunflower seeds and share their growth journeys. We also had various other gardening activities lined up, offering hands-on experiences that highlighted the therapeutic benefits of working with plants.

To keep the energy high, we included dance breaks, stretching and a pilates session. These were perfect for getting up, moving around, and shaking off any stress. For a dose of cultural enrichment, we hosted sessions on learning about a culture and religion, along with an informative introduction to Bhangra, which aimed to foster inclusivity and understanding in our workplace.

On the financial side, our investing masterclass helped everyone build confidence in managing their finances and our best deal competition encouraged some bargain hunting! For mental health support, Wear It Green Day on Thursday saw everyone donning their best green outfits to show solidarity and raise awareness, alongside discussions on mental well-being.

We also hosted a Portuguese breakfast, a delightful virtual breakfast where we learnt some of the language over our morning cups of coffee!

A virtual 5k, where employees came together in the evening for run or walk, getting some exercise and feeling a sense of achievement – mostly to take in the sights of Aberdeen! Throughout the week, we had also project team walks that allowed teams to get outside, chat, and enjoy some fresh air together.

Professional networking and skill-building were also on the agenda. Our networking lunch and learn provided a casual setting for employees to connect across departments, share insights, and learn new skills. Throughout the week, daily mindfulness sessions and journalling tips were also available to help everyone reduce stress and improve focus, promoting mental clarity and well-being.

The week rounded off with a company training day focused on boosting professional development.

MD Statement: “Our goal is to support our employees’ overall well-being and growth,” said Ken. “By celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week and Learning at Work Week, we have shown how important a healthy work-life balance, continuous learning, and a supportive workplace are to us.”

We believe a happy, healthy, and well-informed team is key to driving innovation and success.