UoR Careers Fair kicks starts our search for the next generation of Graduate Consultants

It’s that time of year again, when Managementors exhibited at the University of Reading’s Careers and Placement Fair, in search of young, fresh, new students who are eager to start an exciting career in Management Consultancy. Managementors spent the day alongside 90 other companies of a variety of sizes and sectors, providing students with information and opportunities to kick start their careers ready for when they leave University.

Our consultants were constantly in conversation with a number of students who were enthusiastic to learn about the prospect of a career as a Management Consultant. It was exciting to see the potential new talent that could be coming into the industry and joining the team at Managementors.

We have now started recruiting for our 2019 Graduate Development Programme and are excited to receive applications. Don’t worry if you missed the event, you can still find out more about our ‘Trainee Management Consultant Role’ on offer on our website here, or please email [email protected] for further information and to apply.