Corporate Social Responsibility

At Managementors Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our culture, our values and business strategy in meeting the expectations of our stakeholders. Stakeholders include; customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment. The Managing Director has responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the following:

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to keeping environmental impacts as a result of our actions to a minimum and maintaining this through continual improvement.  We work with our stakeholders to encourage environmental care and promote good practice, such as ensuring all recyclable material is recycled where possible and water and energy resources are conserved.

Business Integrity

We are committed to ensuring that the business is managed in all areas according to the highest ethical and professional standards. We also seek to influence our suppliers to operate to the same high standards.


Managementors strives to be a good corporate organisation and encourages employees to support and develop initiatives within communities in which we operate. The company also makes annual charitable donations.

Our People

Managementors is committed to creating a safe, open and honest work environment to enable employees to grow and develop within the business. All employees are treated in a fair and equitable way; specifically to stop any discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender or race.


We strive to develop strong relationships with our suppliers, customers and any others we have dealings with, based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. Managementors is committed to providing consistently high quality and reliable services to its customers.