With significant planned government investment and transformational projects like HS2 underway, this sector is experiencing healthy growth.  However, in a post Covid world where spend is especially scrutinised and value for money is sacrosanct, carefully managing risk as well as delivering on time and to budget has never been more important.

Whilst driving productivity has always been high on the agenda, we’ve increasingly seen clients are grappling with collaboration.  Often discussed but rarely effectively implemented, it can be a game changer for expediting delivery and guaranteeing quality.


The construction industry has always faced significant challenges in delivering projects on time and within budget. With most of the risk borne by contractors, the cost to deliver is significantly increasing due to rising costs in materials and labour, negatively impacting margins.

Pre-construction issues are also a common cause of delays and increased cost, as teams implement works around on site mid-programme. These issues, together with a lack of effective forecasting and project controls, mean surprises can occur late in the programme and lead to delays in completion increasing pre-lim costs and the risk of LAD’s.


The nuclear sector is diverse and ranges from building new power plants, to decommissioning old ones and into defence.  Our experience in Nuclear covers all three and we see similar challenges which revolve around the effective management of risk and complexity.

Often we see construction and engineering teams who struggle to meet SQEP requirements and very quickly find themselves on the back foot facing mounting pressure to meet increasingly unrealistic delivery milestones.

How can we help?

Who we work with:

  • Project Managers
  • Site Agents & Package Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Pre-Construction Managers
  • Commercial Functions
  • Design Engineers
  • Senior Managers
  • Blue-Collar Workforces

What we do:

  • Establish true collaboration between clients and partners
  • Enhance planning techniques to create joined up, meaningful programmes to control against
  • Implement effective project controls, forecasting and true plan vs actual project performance visibility
  • Coach managers to reduce the amount of non-value adding time in their day
  • Challenge the meeting and governance structures to prevent endless unfocused meetings killing progress
  • Support commercial functions to aid processing and decision making
  • Review roles and responsibilities to identify non value added activities and blurred lines of responsibility
  • Improve productivity through establishing the desire behaviours to enable delivery on time and to budget

What we have achieved:

  • Transformed toxic client, design and delivery partner relationships to significantly enhance delivery
  • Created effective and meaningful governance structures
  • Enhanced CPI and SPI performance to bring forward delivery milestones
  • Redefined overly complex reporting suites to enable daily focus on the right things to drive progress
  • Enabled more collaborative and meaningful planning techniques to ensure there is one version of the truth

Keys to a Successful Collaborative Partnership

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