How can we help?

Areas we work in:

  • Depot Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Line & Base Maintenance

Who we work with:

  • Engineers
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Planners
  • Central Teams

What we do:

  • Enhance interfaces and collaboration through breaking down silos
  • Review structures and roles & responsibilities to support improved performance
  • Act as a catalyst for delivery transformation
  • Challenge legacy behaviours and ways of working
  • Coach managers in a more active style of management
  • Implementation of tools and systems to provide greater levels of control

What we have achieved:

  • Increased fleet utilisation and reduced number of unavailable vehicles
  • Reduced maintenance times whilst improving fleet reliability
  • Enabled the implementation of night shift without increasing headcount
  • Reduced cost of delivery of maintenance service
  • Improved track maintenance compliance levels and reduced repeat issues

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