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Creating a climate for project success

This white paper takes a look at the evolution of project management and challenges what we mean by project ‘success’, as well as exploring some of the common pitfalls and challenges faced which cause projects to underperform.

The Productivity Challenge

This paper looks at why Productivity in the UK might not be rising as quickly as expected and some of the constraints on improving the headline numbers.

Building a more productive workforce

This white paper looks at how far technology can actually drive true productivity improvements of a field based workforce, and some of the common pitfalls that exist when spending money on new technology.

Working with Internal Teams

This white paper provides an insight into why internal teams are created and how they can be used to achieve real value.

Sustaining the benefits of a change initiative

This white paper provides a unique insight into why some change initiatives continue to yield benefits and others wither on the vine.

Motivation and Reward

This white paper explores how performance related incentive schemes may not be the best solution and actually a hinderance to achieving true productivity and customer satisfaction. The paper highlights in depth the potential drawbacks to PRP in conjunction with presenting an alternative perspective.

Performance improvement for field service operations

This white paper takes a look at how some service organisations achieve true productivity gains while others simply ‘automate’ existing operational wastage, and examines why performance improvement equates to more than increasing the number of calls-per-day-per-engineer.

Implementing performance improvement in call centres

This white paper explores what drives productivity in call centres and how workforce optimisation enables contact centres to enhance service delivery while boosting customer and staff satisfaction.