Benefits beyond the surface for Kier Highways Solutions

Managementors is pleased to share the recent successful completion of a 16-week engagement with Kier Highways, ‘Project Reseal’, which kicked off in June last year. Working closely with supervisors and managers across Kier Highways Solutions – formerly Surface Treatments Business (STB) – Managementors supported the operation to tackle the root causes of the issues affecting performance and optimise the delivery of work.

Focusing on introducing new planning, scheduling and order to fulfilment processes, along with simple and effective tooling, the team embedded a performance reporting suite supported by a robust management review structure and close coaching at all management levels. This, combined with substantially strengthened interfaces between the sales, manufacturing and operational arms of the business, has enabled the operation to achieve a step change in performance, demonstrate a seasonalised benefit of just over £1m and build a strong platform for continuous improvement going forwards.

James Birch, Kier’s Managing Director for Local Highways, commented, “Working with Managementors has enabled us to look at things through a different lens, and by engaging with the workforce from the start, we have been able to further refine our solution, increase manufacturing capacity and improve the productivity and effectiveness of our on-site operations. This has not only given us the scope to do more for our existing clients and customers with the same resource, but has presented the senior management team with robust management information to make the right strategic decisions as to how to further grow our surfacing and infrastructure solutions capability.”

Following the completion of the project, the Managementors team will continue to support Kier Highways Solutions during the off-season, ensuring that the new ways of working and tooling introduced continue to embed and that the operation is set up in the best way possible for the 2022 season. Managementors is looking forward to supporting the Kier team’s continued success and to further strengthening the relationship with the business.