Managementors supports National Highways’ Network Claims team with final ASC mobilisation

The mobilisation of National Highways’ Area 9 to the AD model on 1st July 2022 marked the start of the final phase of Project Reditus, a longstanding partnership between Managementors and National Highways to transform the performance of their Green Claims function.

Commencing with a pilot in the East Midlands region in 2020, Managementors has supported the Network Claims team in transforming revenue recovery in each of National Highways’ existing AD regions, as well as assisting the remaining ASC regions with their transition to the AD model.

Managementors is looking forward to working with the National Highways’ Area 9 team, as well as their new service provider, Colas, over the next 12 weeks, to accelerate the mobilisation of the end-to-end Green Claims process within the region and ensure that Area 9 is equipped to optimise revenue recovery.

Liz Herridge, Director of Network Claims and Transformation commented, “Area 9 is an important part of the network for us and we are pleased to be partnering with Managementors for this final phase of the ASC transition to support the roll out of best practice, help us build strong interfaces with our stakeholders and ensure that the Area 9 team is set up for success for the long-term”.