My journey as a Trainee Management Consultant

I came out of university, like most people, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my career. I had experience in business analysis, decent Excel skills and enjoyed working within a team towards a common goal. I found a job advert for a Trainee Management Consultant at Managementors and decided I would give it a go, knowing that the end goal of being a consultant was definitely a role that I could see myself in.

I joined a relatively new programme not knowing what to expect, but what I found was a group of people and a company that was extremely invested in my personal development as a consultant and as a person. The first six months as a TMC is predominantly sales based, where I learned to combat objections and sell our solution to c-suite execs at prospective companies. It did not come without its challenges but the internal team helped me to achieve my goal through coaching sessions, reflection, friendships and ultimately hard work. One of the best moments of my journey was making my first sale. Handling difficult objections, matching our solution to individual industry challenges and facilitating an introduction to meet with one of our Practice Directors felt rewarding, particularly when the meeting led to establishing strong relationships between Managementors and our new clients.

I was also given multiple opportunities to join the project team ‘on site’ and be involved in consulting work, as well as delving deep into the analysis phase of the operation where I was able to utilise the knowledge that I had gained from the internal training workshops.

The main objective of the TMC journey is to eventually graduate out to become a Junior Consultant. The journey is definitely a challenge, but being able to show to the senior management team everything that I had learned and being able to use my experiences to sell my own abilities has, once again, been a real highlight of my career so far. I especially enjoyed creating and delivering my final 6-month presentation, where I was able to show the journey that I had been on, as well as being able to provide advice and recommendations to help future TMCs to hopefully go through a similar journey to mine.

Once I graduated, I was given the opportunity to support a few projects, but felt I would be able to thrive more in the analysis environment, having enjoyed it so much when I was given the opportunity as a TMC. Since then, I have worked across a multitude of different sectors within testing environments, being able to use my skillset to ultimately sell the projects for Managementors and help build the team along the way.

If I was to go back and do it all again, I honestly don’t think I’d change a thing.