25 Years of Consulting Excellence

When our Managing Director, Ken Leech, started Managementors 25 years ago this month, what excited him the most at the time was being able to measure, in a quantifiable way, the positive difference we were able to make to our clients’ businesses and to their people, together with the lasting legacy we left behind. This passion is now shared amongst all of the team at Managementors and provides a beacon that drives us to continuously improve on all that we do.

The journey so far has been long, yet extremely rewarding; we continue our prestigious membership of the Management Consultancy Association (MCA) by adopting the principles of the Consulting Excellence Framework. We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us and along the way we have developed strong relationships with you, some that go back almost to the very day we started, and others that have now developed into personal and cherished friendships.

In celebration of our significant milestone, with current restrictions relaxing and through various events, we plan to focus on giving back to our local community and to those who have suffered most during the pandemic. We shall also be supporting our chosen charity, Cancer Research UK.

As we move forward, hopefully you share with us the huge amount of optimism we have for the rest of this year and beyond, and we would like to wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous future.