A Day in the Life of a Senior Consultant

One of our Senior Consultants, Elliott Fletcher, recently reflected on what it’s like to embark on a career in consulting:

“I chose to pursue management consulting because I wanted a career that would let me use my creativity and interest in analysing things to make a difference for people. It’s also very important for me to see real, tangible results to the effort I put in. After graduating from Loughborough University in 2021, I started a graduate programme at Managementors. Since, I have been lucky enough to work with several amazing colleagues and clients that have supported me to develop from a Junior Consultant to Senior Management Consultant.

A standard week is difficult to capture in consulting. It is hugely varied dependent on client and company needs which can be both refreshing but also one of the challenges in this field. I usually spend 4 days on client site where I am currently responsible for enabling a simpler flow of customer demand through a FTSE100 Pension’s Administrations business; enhancing the customer’s experience and reducing the business’ cost to serve. For me, each project is like solving a puzzle. It’s about finding and designing the right pieces, arranging them in a way that fits, and experiencing the satisfaction of seeing the complete solution form. What really stands out for me though is that the solutions to these puzzles have a positive impact to thousands of people a day.

Spending time with the client’s Team Leaders and Managers is a big part of my typical day. I believe the key to success is truly understanding what the client needs and building the right solution with them. I spend the first part of my morning planning and preparing for the day ahead before joining the client, often collaborating with our project team. We’re always sharing thoughts, ideas and insights between the different sites to make sure we’re delivering the best for the client. Overall, I aim to spend a good amount of time away from my desk with the client, either planning, coaching or reviewing progress which I particularly enjoy and can make a real difference to the success of our projects.

The rest of my time is spent either on my own personal development, developing other team members or helping our own business improve. I am currently enrolled on a Diploma in Management and Leadership with the CMI which I dedicate my Friday afternoons to. I buddy one of the latest graduates and get the opportunity to come into the office to lead some of the training for our newest cohort of graduates. I regularly get involved in charity events having completed the national Three Peaks in 24 hours challenge this summer for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Consulting is all about a continuous journey of learning and taking on new challenges. If you’re someone who wants to build a strong skill set and use it in various situations with different people, then I’d recommend learning more about what consulting has to offer. You’ll find yourself stretching your thinking far beyond what you thought was possible, helping people improve their business practices and services. If you’re someone motivated by challenge and driven to make a positive societal impact, then consulting is the career for you.”

This article also features on the Management Consultancies Association’s website.

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