Annual Summer Conference 2021

With last year’s conferences being held virtually due to the pandemic, the Managementors team were very much looking forward to reuniting in person this year for two days of reviewing, planning and celebrating.

The conference was held at the Balmer Lawn Hotel in the New Forest where the team ensured that we had a safe and thoroughly enjoyable stay. Through risk assessment and everyone pre-testing, we were able to create our own bubble and ensure the safety of all.

Day one of the conference allowed us to reflect on the year’s performance so far, celebrate successes, and provide improvement suggestions for the second half of the year. The day provided a chance to bring cross-departmental teams together, offering everyone the opportunity to bring their perspective to the table. Following this, the team enjoyed a great afternoon of team building activities and raft building which clearly everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

Heading into day two, a few more presentations were delivered combined with breakout sessions allowing teams to deep-dive into the success criteria for the rest of the year. After an exciting day of discussions the team enjoyed a delicious lunch and headed home full of aspiration and excitement for what’s to come!