Babcock transforms their infrastructure service operation to achieve substantial performance improvements

This month Managementors have completed a major transformation project with Babcock Infrastructure Services working with staff on their South West Prime Contract.  Managementors were invited into the already successful operation to help take it to the next level of operational performance.  The project looked beyond the hard FM delivery to also help implement improvements into the soft Grounds Maintenance operation.

Through taking a facilitative approach, Managementors have helped Babcock realise a dramatic shift in the performance of their site based operations.  Following a successful analysis and pilot phase, Managementors worked with in excess of 20 sites and facilitated the implementation of new ways of both seeing and driving performance on every site.  In addition to substantial productivity and effectiveness improvements, one of the most significant achievements of the project has been the change in behaviour at all levels of the operation.  An emphasis was placed on skills transfer from Managementors and Babcock now have the ability to continue driving productivity, service delivery and bottom line cost savings across the contract.