Celebrating Success and Building Bonds: Our Bi-Annual Summer Conference

At the heart of our business lies the bond that connects the different Practices and the shared commitment to success. This summer, for our bi-annual company conference, we returned to the picturesque Balmer Lawn Hotel in Brockenhurst for a few days of reviewing performance and planning for the rest of the year. Over two eventful days, our entire workforce convened to reflect, celebrate, and build stronger connections.

Our primary goal for the conference was to bring together all departments, encouraging open dialogue and the sharing of perspectives. Each team member’s unique insights and experiences are invaluable in steering our company towards continued growth and excellence.

Day one commenced with a spirited reflection on the achievements and milestones we have accomplished so far this year. The energy was palpable as we celebrated the collective triumphs and individual contributions that have shaped our success so far. Following this, we split into groups for an afternoon of team building and treasure hunts that encouraged us to think outside the box and work together to solve challenges.

The second day was full of discussions around plans for the next six months and how we can collectively achieve our goals for the year. There were various department-led sessions where any gaps were addressed and action plans were put in place to ensure progress. This was later capped off with some more team activities such as archery, axe throwing and duck herding!

The conference was more than just a professional gathering; it was a celebration of our united spirit and collective dedication to continuous improvement. As we left the Balmer Lawn Hotel, we felt reinvigorated and keenly looking forward to the next exciting six months.