Closing out a successful transformation programme with Chevron Green Services

Managementors is pleased to share the completion of an excellent engagement with Chevron Green Services (CGS). Aptly named, ‘Project Green’ aimed to optimise the different operating models, to drive a more cost effective contract delivery. CGS and Managementors started their partnership by reviewing the current ways of working across different areas and understanding the root causes of lost time while performing daily activities. This provided the foundation to initiate a transformation project across three different geographical areas, to develop a system which enabled better performance management, cost control and standardised ways of working across the business, as well as a strong foundation for continuous improvement.

During the 14 weeks, Managementors and CGS became one team, working together in reviewing, co-designing, testing and implementing solutions, that were fit for purpose across the locations within scope. Engaging with key stakeholders from different departments and areas enabled us to jointly standardise end-to-end processes with clear Roles & Responsibilities. A performance-based ethos was embedded with a sharper focus on driving cost efficiencies and improving contract delivery. A robust system was also put in place to increase visibility of the workforce, allowing management to better understand performance, cost, resolve issues and ultimately enhance delivery. Additionally, change control mechanisms were introduced to ensure compensation events were effectively captured, raised and submitted to the client with the appropriate evidence to support the claim in order to increase the allowable, qualified CE revenues where appropriate.

Key to the success of the project was the strong engagement and leadership from within the business. Paul Wilson, Managing Director, Chevron Green Services, reflected:

“Having a great relationship with your team has allowed me to have a richer understanding of my business – much better than I would have done in 9 months if Managementors weren’t here. The disconnect between Commercial and Ops is no longer there, it’s very different, they’re showing more ownership and accountability. One of the main unexpected benefits of the project was generating something that added to people’s personal development and succession planning. They’re now more confident in understanding their value, and are less willing to accept things that cause them problems.”