Enhancing service delivery with Accident Exchange Ltd

Managementors is excited to announce a new engagement with Accident Exchange Ltd. AX provides accident claim management services to the automotive sector and delivers this through three operating divisions; AX Automotive (AXA), AX Motor Assist and AX Innovation (AXI). AXA offers a range of services to Insurers, Brokers and end users in the event of road traffic collisions.

AX aims to constantly innovate to meet the needs of drivers and pride themselves on being experts at caring for people and cars.

With this at the forefront of their mission, as well as an increasingly changing and challenging landscape due to the global pandemic and global supply chain constraints, the Managementors team is working closely with AX teams to optimise the performance of AX Automotive to facilitate a more resilient, efficient and collaborative operation, initially within the Customer Support and Internal Sales and Administration teams.

The core aims of the engagement are to enhance end-to-end process flows, strengthen interfaces both between departments within the business and with external partners and through close coaching and support, develop of a framework to drive continuous improvement.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Managing Director AX Automotive, commented:

“This is a really exciting engagement that will enable us to positively strengthen our service-offering through robust process, reduced wastage and digital transformation.”

Managementors is looking forward to supporting AX in enhancing the skills of AX colleagues, refining processes and improving interfaces sustainably, so that business objectives are met.