Expansion to the Managementors Team

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Freddie Leech to the Managementors team as a Consultant. Freddie will be working alongside the rest of the operations team in delivering benefits on-site to clients through tailored programmes.

Freddie graduated from the University of Bristol with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following the completion of his degree, Freddie carried out multiple roles within Engineering and Operations at BG Group, both in the UK and Australia.  Following the takeover of BG Group, Freddie was selected for transfer to the Shell head office in the Netherlands, where he was based in the Hague within the internal consulting group, working as a reliability engineer both in Europe and North America.

Freddie says, “I am looking forward to joining the Managementors team as a Consultant, giving me exposure to multiple industries outside of my current experience in Energy Engineering. Having spent my career working in Operations, I am keen to combine that knowledge with the Managementors methods in providing clients with the capabilities to achieve a step change in performance that can be built upon continuously.”

Freddie’s ambition and variety of experience within operational environments will set him up well for his new role as a Management Consultant. We are confident he will add great value to the team and help Managementors continue to grow.