Fujitsu work with Managementors to drive performance improvement and get fit for digital

Managementors have successfully completed a performance improvement project with the Infrastructure support teams on one Fujitsu’s leading UK contracts. With the drive for virtualisation and a demanding strategy to get fit for digital, it was recognised that the contract would have to address some of the significant operational challenges in front of them.

The project initially focused on surfacing issues which had become ingrained in the ‘way we do things here’. A series of actions and workshops were utilised to drive quick wins and begin to demonstrate that change was possible. In conjunction with the quick win activities, significant focus was placed on implementing a management operating system which transitioned the operation away from a reactive state to a more agile and dynamic model. Through coaching, the first line managers developed an active style of management and were able to measure and affect the performance of the operation on a daily basis.

Charlie Burtt, a Senior Project Manager at Managementors explains: “One of the key success factors of this project was the level of engagement from the account management team from top to bottom. Even though the project has now concluded and significant improvements made, the teams are still challenging themselves to make further enhancements and really instil a culture of continuous improvement”.

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