Growth of the analysis team!

We are delighted to announce that Milad Rabie has joined our Analysis team as a Senior Consultant Analyst.

Milad graduated from the University of Southampton with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. He began his professional career as a Product Development Engineer, designing and building Li-ion batteries for the marine and automotive industry.

Having developed the required skills, he transitioned into his consulting career at Newton, where he worked for over 3 years and was involved in several operational improvement projects across different areas of the private industry such as retail, e-commerce and manufacturing.

In his free time, he likes going to the gym, boxing, cooking and watching football and Formula1.

Milad says “I am thrilled to be joining Managementors, a consultancy with a strong track record of delivering sustainable results for clients in diverse sectors. I am excited to explore new and exciting opportunities for our clients and collaborate with them to drive growth, innovation and success.”