Growth of the Trainee Management Consultant team

We’re pleased to announce that Joe Gale has joined our TMC programme!

Joe joins us having completed his degree in Economics at the University of Southampton where his interest in business developed. Throughout his time at Uni he joined the student run investment society as an analyst where he developed his analytical and presentation skills.

Alongside studying, he spent a year as a car salesman to increase his confidence and sales skills before seeking a graduate role. The driver behind this was also to spend time in the automotive industry which he is particularly passionate about.

As someone who has always been enthusiastic about the industry, he worked on rebuilding his engine and restoring his own car in his personal time. “I love learning a new process, it’s a self-taught set of skills. There’s something incredibly satisfying about progressing something through to completion” he commented.

Joe has also recently completed his first powerlifting meet, as he has always enjoyed pushing himself and seeing his strength progress.

Joe says “I learnt of management consulting during my degree from classmates and careers fairs. When I heard about the TMC programme with Managementors,  I thought it would be the perfect way to transition from my foundational sales experience into being a management consultant. I knew it would be a career that’s intellectually challenging, fast-paced and rewarding. I’m aware of what a massive opportunity the TMC programme is. The scope for personal development is huge and I’ll be given the chance to learn quickly and multi-task. I’ve already had so much exposure to a variety of people and the knowledge that comes with that. I’m excited to have booked in my first meeting already and I look forward to getting ahead of my targets and to keep pushing!”