ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System – a pass with flying colours!

Following a recent external assessment conducted by the BSI group, we are pleased to announce that Managementors has successfully maintained an excellent Quality Management System (QMS) despite the challenging circumstances.

Business has changed significantly in the last 6 months, therefore ensuring that we continue to adhere to the standards outlined by BSI, has allowed new business challenges to be thoroughly addressed, particularly in the wake of Covid-19. 

The ISO 9001:2015 standards cover varying aspects of quality management. These standards provide guidance and tools for Managementors to work alongside to ensure our services consistently meet customer needs – and that the quality of service is constantly improving.

Furthermore, the standards promote a focus on risk and opportunity-based thinking, reinforcing the use of the QMS as a governance tool and helping to identify business opportunities that contribute to bottom line improvements; something which is integral to the way in which Managementors operates in delivering benefits for clients.

By meeting the requirements of the standards, it is officially recognised and certified that, as a company, we run an efficient QMS, adapting to meet the growing needs of our customers.