Lean Construction Institute Summit – October 2015 – Birmingham

Following the successful completion of a recent performance improvement project with the CiM6 Joint Venture between Costain and MWH on the Severn Trent Water AMP6 Framework, Managementors were invited by Costain to co-present at the annual LCI summit in Birmingham. The focus of the summit was on ‘Creating the conditions for step-change performance in construction’ and the presentation honed in on successfully combining the principles of the Management Operating System with the technology ‘Leankit’ to deliver significant benefit within the white collar engineering environment.

Charlie Burtt from Managementors, who was part of the presentation team, explains: “It was a real privilege to be invited to present at such a prestigious conference alongside one of our newest clients; the presentation was well received by the diverse sector of the construction industry who attended.”

More details of the event and the PowerPoint presentation can be found at: http://leanconstruction.org.uk/lci-summit-2015/