Life as a Project Manager at Managementors: 1 year on

I joined Managementors a year ago now and so it seemed a good time to reflect on my experience so far.

One of the big draws for me choosing to join Managementors was the feeling I got during the application process – it being a small firm, giving the opportunity to work closely with a lot of the company, along with how projects are carried out and the potential for growth and development. My experience throughout the past year has confirmed I made the right decision and all of the reasons I joined I’ve found to be true in practice.

The people

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work with lots of people across the company, either on projects or through internal work, and I genuinely mean it when I say everyone is great to work with! There’s a real mix of people and experience and everyone is happy to pick up a conversation to help out when asked.

Project delivery

The structure, governance and support I’ve had in delivering projects has found a great balance between giving me autonomy to use my experience in delivering projects, whilst also providing me with the Managementors structure and support to ensure we deliver the best results for our clients. This can be a hard thing to do when joining a company as an experienced hire, but my experience here has been great and I’ve really felt like my previous experience has been valued.


Personal and professional development has always been really important to me and something that was a big driver in joining Managementors was the focus on this, particularly with the Chartered Management Consultant membership and the aim of getting the Internal Training Programme accredited – which happened at the end of last year! The effort in doing this represents the emphasis the company has on personal development and, for me personally, means I’m now being supported in applying for Chartership. Wider than this, there’s been a real focus on bringing everyone from the consulting team together every month for training sessions, which has been a fantastic opportunity to come together in person, learn and share ideas as a big group – something that can be harder to do when we’re working across the country with our various clients. It’s allowed us to develop our project delivery and given me an opportunity to spend more time with people working on different projects.

In short, it’s been a great year, with a lot of fun, learning and delivering some great results for clients and I’m really looking forward to what the next year brings!