Life at Managementors: 6 months on

We asked one of our Consultants, Alex French, how he’d been getting on since joining the Managementors team – here’s what he had to say!

Having been with Managementors for six months now, I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on the journey so far, as well as give a bit of an insight into the kinds of work I’ve been doing…

I started working for Managementors as a consultant in the summer of 2021 and was very quickly given the opportunity to join our analysis team for two weeks on site. This was a great opportunity for some initial learning and development, as well as a chance to meet the wider team in an exciting, focused and fast paced environment. The team stays together and works together quite closely during these two weeks, and there is a real sense of shared purpose which makes what we do at Managementors incredibly rewarding. Equally, getting insight into how, as a consultancy, we scope out potential projects during analyses was incredibly useful and has greatly improved my ability to solve problems. After about two months, and a few analyses later, I began working on my first project with one of our project managers. This was the start of a six-month engagement involving a global company with a mobile engineering workforce. Putting into practice what I had learned during several analyses, as well as previous roles I’ve held, was particularly exciting. The first thing I noticed was how valued my input was and how well regarded my previous experience is considered. There are also regular check-ins with the rest of the team at Managementors, which is a good opportunity to sense check any ideas and get contribution from others.

Aside from project work, one of the things I’ve really enjoyed about working for Managementors so far has been the strong sense of team identity and the collaborative attitude of everyone I work with. Everyone has a new idea or something they want to share or showcase and, as consultants, we are all eager to figure out new ways of doing things. There are plenty of chances to learn from each other, with regular meetings and informal catch-ups, as well as training courses and conferences.

Looking forward, I’m excited about the delivery of my current project and being able to assign tangible progress towards my development plan to Senior Consultant. Another positive about working for Managementors is the focus and attention to detail on progression, which makes every week of work an opportunity to add value to my own skillset!