Making networking work for you: A Young MCA Event

Networking, it’s a skill all consultants need, but seldom is there time to develop and improve on it; very rarely is there an opportunity to be taught the tips and tricks to make networking work for you. So when the Young MCA put on such an event, a small group from Managementors took the opportunity to develop their skills.

Hosted at the Sysdoc offices, the Young MCA invited ex-magician turned professional speaker, Lee Warren, to deliver an insightful presentation on making the most of your network.

Across the evening Lee provided valuable knowledge through his self-professed ‘business-cabaret’ style of presenting, which elicited laughter from the audience whilst hitting home some key points. A number of hints and tips to lead you on your way to successful networking were shared, and there was even the chance to put some into practice; such as avoiding name amnesia (Listen, Comment and Repeat).

Another useful tip for the young professional network was how to avoid conversation pitfalls, especially as the conversation dries up. Looking towards the future was a great reminder on how both you and your new contact can transition onto your next conversation.

Whilst the advantages of building a strong network were clear for attendees (future promotion or job prospects, better access to resources etc.) a key takeaway for many during the evening was to ensure that you build your network before you need it. Ensuring you remain connected with your contacts, either through LinkedIn, a coffee or a call, leads to stronger relationships and results in people being more inclined to help when you need it.

Thank you to the Young MCA, Sysdoc and Lee Warren for hosting both an entertaining and informative evening.