Managementors attends Heathrow Expansion 2019 National Supplier Conference

The expansion of Heathrow will be one of the UK’s largest construction projects over the next few years and Managementors was recently invited to a supplier engagement day to outline the plans for the third runway and the associated construction of the surrounding infrastructure.

This event brought together suppliers of all sizes, covering a range of capabilities and from across the country, to learn about Heathrow’s ambitious objectives for the delivery of this programme and how they see collaboration with suppliers as key to tackling the challenges of delivering the expansion and as a responsible member of the community.

It was particularly striking to hear how carbon, and in particular carbon reduction, will be at the forefront of the procurement and design decisions being made as part of the project.

Construction Practice Director Grant Taylor said, “We have experience of working with a large number of the big players who will be involved in the Heathrow expansion and look forward to playing a part in this exciting project as it develops.”