Managementors grows partnership with Kier

Following previous successful transformation projects with Kier Utilities, Managementors is pleased to be growing their partnership with Kier, recently commencing a 16-week engagement with Kier Highways.

Working closely with supervisors and managers across Kier Highways’ Surface Treatment Business (STB), as well as within their manufacturing operation, Ayton Products, Managementors will support the operation in tackling the root causes of the issues affecting performance and optimising the delivery of work.

Andy Mayos, General Manager for Kier Highways commented, “This is a great opportunity for us to further develop our team and become a more efficient and resilient operation, which will ultimately enhance the service we deliver for both our clients and the public. With Managementors’ support and objective lens, we will not only strengthen our business in the short term, but will emerge with a framework in place for continuous improvement going forwards.”

The Managementors team is looking forward to helping Kier Highways to test the art of the possible and secure the future growth of the surface treatment business.