Managementors invited back into one of the UK’s leading IT services providers

Following on from successful projects in 2003 and 2006, Managementors has been invited back into one of the UKs leading IT services providers to carry out a project within its infrastructure services business. Rapid growth over the past few years has meant that systems and structure have grown in a piecemeal fashion, with layers of control put on top of each other to support an ITIL structure.

The Managementors project will provide support in realising benefits from a number of existing initiatives and enable the operation to further build upon its relationship with clients and profitably grow the business.

Director of Projects David Beggs said “It is satisfying to see that the tools and processes we put in place all those years ago are still being used and helping support the business. We have had good feedback from the staff on site, who are keen to help us take things to the next level. I’m sure it is going to turn into a rewarding project.”