Managementors invited to exhibit at A-One+’s ‘Forum for the Future’ Event

On 20th June, Managementors was invited by its client, A-One+, to exhibit at the company’s ‘Forum for the Future’ event. Hundreds of partners, stakeholders and staff attended, bringing together the supply chain network in Area 4, to foster relationships and align aims to continue to meet the three Highways England imperatives of Safety, Customer and Delivery.

Clive Leadbetter, Managing Director of A-One+, opened the event, which included sessions from a variety of guest speakers, as well as multiple networking opportunities. Key industry topics, such as Brexit, health and safety, smart motorways and mental health, were discussed and generated debate amongst the forum.

The objective of the day was to bring people together to work towards investment and improvement of the network, by sharing ideas on how to drive the changes and challenges associated with Brexit, while maintaining delivery capability; turning risks into opportunities.

The aim of running a skilled workforce that is fully utilised and constantly challenged resonates with how Managementors has been supporting A-One+ during the current engagement. Managementors will imminently complete a project focused on developing and implementing new and improved ways of working, ensuring efficient end-to-end processes and an effective Management Operating System are in place to enable A-One+ to deliver for Highways England.