Managementors supports local charity

A long awaited youth facility has been officially opened in Bramley, to the delight of local residents. As a local business, Managementors took this opportunity to support the Clift Meadow Trust Charity, which is one of the key driving forces behind this scheme, in donating various equipment such as a top quality table tennis table and table football.

Simon Gill, chair of Clift Meadow Trust, said:

“2015 saw Bramley open a brand new facility for our village Youth; a much-needed space for our teenagers to be able to congregate in a healthy and protected environment. As a charity we are wholly reliant on local companies and volunteers to support these initiatives. Managementors were in touch immediately to offer financial support without hesitation. Their generosity surpassed our expectations and the facilities we can now provide for our youth will be the envy of other youth clubs.

Companies that engage positively with their local environment on a social level stand out from the crowd for their integrity, leadership and ability to care – characteristics which Managementors has demonstrated with abundance.”