Managementors transforms Telent’s Direct Labour Operation

Following previous successful transformation projects within the Telecoms and Infrastructure sectors, Managementors has recently completed a 16-week engagement within Telent’s Direct Labour (DL) operation, focusing on their Doncaster depot.


In September 2020 Telent was awarded a contract with Openreach to support a £12 billion project to support their ultrafast broadband rollout in a number of locations across the UK. A further Fibre to the Premises contract starts later this year, with almost 1m premises being supplied.

As there are challenging targets to hit, Managementors was brought in to improve the performance of the direct labour operation at Telent’s Doncaster Depot, by ensuring that end-to-end workflow and interfaces are working as effectively as possible to help support the rollout.

The Project

The core objectives of Project Phoenix were to enhance the end-to-end planning and delivery of works, improve key interfaces and introduce Managing Operating System elements to provide a framework for continuous improvement, in order to improve the financial performance of the depot.

Key project activities consisted of active management and coaching, along with cross-departmental workshops, to tackle process bottlenecks hampering the delivery of work. The development of PGLs, a planning tool and resource model, have enabled operative capacity to be better understood, alongside the introduction of work planning/performance reporting at gang level, with the new Weekly Performance Tracking Dashboard now providing a single source of truth for depot performance.

The Outcomes

Upon project completion, Managementors is pleased to have delivered a 30% increase in throughput, along with strengthened interfaces, improved processes and enhanced tooling to support Telent and Openreach in hitting their fibre rollout targets.

Emma Sacchi, Programme Director at Managementors commented, “We are delighted to have supported Telent in accelerating the delivery of ultrafast broadband provision to the Doncaster region. Not only is the Doncaster depot seeing tangible results, but the new ways of working introduced provide a blueprint that can be rolled out as best practice to other regions.”