Optimising service delivery for Digital Space!

Managementors are pleased to share the recent successful completion of a 19-week engagement with Digital Space, ‘Project Endeavour’, which kicked off in June 2023. Working closely with Managers and Team Leaders across Digital Space’s Tech Support and Infrastructure teams, Managementors supported the operation in tackling the root causes of issues affecting performance in order to optimise the service delivered to their growing customer portfolio.

The MM team initially spent time reviewing the current processes and performance of the operation, identifying clear opportunities within the target areas. This helped ensure clarity when the project commenced about the project objectives, as well as helping shape the proposed approach.  Areas of focus included improving levels of active management across the in-scope teams, developing more robust processes for controlling performance and spend, and introducing Managing Operating System (MOS) elements to provide a framework for continuous improvement. The management team were also looking to build morale and a greater sense of ‘team’ across both office locations – as such, a key theme throughout the project was to develop and define the ‘Digital Space way of working’.

Key elements of the project included delivering 1:1 management coaching and a series of bespoke management training workshops, modelling to understand resource requirements and inform crewing decisions, and the introduction of performance reporting at engineer level.  An enhanced review structure was also introduced, providing a holistic view of tech support performance, as well as a daily forum for issues to be raised and resolved. Furthermore a cross-training programme was rolled out, creating greater resilience for the business, whilst reducing spend and providing development opportunities for the engineers.

Through Project Endeavour, the operation has achieved a step-change in performance with year-high SLA attainment, a 30% reduction in the number of NOC tickets taking more than 24 hours to resolve, a 61% reduction in ticket backlog and annualised savings of £1m. With improved customer satisfaction, and services being delivered in a more efficient way, the business has built a strong platform for future growth.

Clive Wood, Change Manager, commented “Thank you for the work the Managementors team have done, not just on behalf of Digital Space but from me personally, you have provided some real insight into things we didn’t know were happening, both positive and negative – you have allowed us to address issues and implement some of the great work that individuals are doing within the company that has gone unnoticed before.”

John Holt, COO, added “In implementing a MOS with Managementors we have achieved simultaneous improvements in our efficiency, customer satisfaction and our employee engagement metrics. I’ve been impressed with how the Managementors team became an extension of our team, working together to improve our service and gaining a deep understanding of our business. Our teams are now empowered to continue to develop the MOS, implementing further improvements to our way of working and outcomes to our customers.”