Reading University Virtual Graduate Recruitment and Internship Festival

Earlier this month Managementors exhibited at the University of Reading’s Graduate Recruitment and Internship Festival – however this year it was a bit different, with it being run virtually due to the current challenges.

At Managementors we are always looking out for graduates who are excited by the prospect of a career in Management Consultancy and are always keen to get involved in University Fairs, having successfully recruited through these means in the past.

Our Director of Internal Operations, Abi Leech, and one of our Senior Consultants, Abi Bryce, led a 45-minute webinar for students interested in pursuing a career in Management Consultancy. Students were able to sign up for webinars in advance that were of particular interest to them, which allowed for a targeted audience to be present, whilst the two Abi’s discussed what consulting entails, how Managementors operates and the Trainee Management Consultant Programme on offer.

The students were very engaged throughout the webinar, contributing with well thought through questions during the Q&A at the end. It was exciting to see the potential new talent that could be coming into the industry!

Following this, students had the opportunity to book individual 10-minute telephone appointments with Abi Bryce, to ask further questions and gain more insight into the company and the Trainee Management Consultant Programme. Abi had a busy day speaking with various students and commented that:

“Having gone through that panic as a student of ‘what am I going to do next?’ it was great to speak with a mix of students who were keen to understand more about a graduate role in consulting. With some looking for clarity on the type of work a consultant does; to other students who are actively pursuing a consulting role – the students were well armed with questions; and hopefully went away with insight to help their next steps after graduating.”

Find out more about the ‘Trainee Management Consultant Role’ on offer on our website, or email [email protected] for further information.