Significantly improving the customer experience in an offshore call centre for a global telecoms company

A 16-week project in a 500-seat call centre in Mumbai has recently completed, following the implementation of an active style of management in key first line call centre teams of this global telecoms company.

Alongside the active management skills transfer, Managementors redesigned processes and introduced new levels of control into the business.

Commenting on the project, Ken Leech, Managing Director of Managementors, said: “ This has been a challenging project for the team, but they achieved good results.

“When we first started there were a large number of managers in the operation – but little real management. Managers spent much of their time in front of computer screens or writing reports. By working alongside managers, consultants from Managementors helped them understand how they could add more value to their role while encouraging them to take actions on issues directly rather than escalating them up through the business.”

The success of the programme has seen Managementors being asked to carry out a second phase of the project at other call centre locations.