The team continues to grow

We are pleased to announce that Ed Durkin has recently joined the Managementors team as a Project Manager.

After graduating with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, Ed began his career in consulting: starting with a focus on operational and performance improvement whilst also gaining experience on strategic and venture projects. Having worked across multiple sectors including Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Retail and Grocery, Local Government and Financial Services, he took an opportunity to work directly with a Local Authority to transform their children’s social care delivery model and, from here, continued his involvement in transformation projects across the council. Most recently he has supported two local authorities to manage the local response to the Covid-19 outbreak, from delivering testing to local residents to developing governance structures to support rapid escalation and decision making and reporting.

Outside of work, he loves all things outdoor and active. This summer he enjoyed hiking and camping on Dartmoor and improving his kitesurfing. He is a keen sportsman who now enjoys watching rugby instead of playing and has turned his training focus to triathlons, aiming for an ironman next summer.

Ed says: “I am super excited to join Managementors and bring my focus back to operational and performance improvement. I really want to take my consulting skills to the next level and I am confident Managementors is the best place to do that – with so much experience held within the team and the expertise that has been developed over the last 25 years, I have a lot to learn and cannot wait to get started and deliver great results for our clients.”