From Good Ideas to Great Implementation: Are you part of the 12%?

From Good Ideas to Great Implementation: Are you part of the 12%?

We are now through the full first week of resolutions and the easy bit is done, right? The things we want to change have been decided and made public via social media. How’s the reality of hitting the gym or eating healthier actually going for you? Maybe you make up the 12% of people who deliver on their resolutions or perhaps, like me, you are feeling guilty that the implementation hasn’t gone quite according to plan.

The same is true for implementing improvements in an organisation. We so often work with companies who are great at coming up with good ideas about how to improve, but struggle to effectively deliver them.

Planning is sadly as far as it goes for many organisations and below we reflect on the top three reasons we see for why Plan to Actual sadly rarely materialises.

So, sounds obvious right? Actually on paper it looks simple but in real life finding the right support and dedicating time and money to an initiative can be costly. It’s like the gym – a personal trainer can be a big expense, but you know they have the experience, skills and dedication, to coach you to achieve your goals.

If you find actions aren’t being completed, timescales or priorities are slipping, perhaps seeking professional support is the answer?

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